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I'm Wayman Ming Jr., president and founder of EXCEED International and author of Re-Forming a New You. I know what happens when you let the demands of ministry impede your God-given ability to exceed. Your health is compromised, your relationships suffer, and you grow increasingly discouraged because your outer results aren't accurately reflecting your inner potential as a leader. I understand what burn-out feels like while knowing you are falling short of your God-potential.

As a lead pastor, I can still remember returning home after Sunday services, getting into bed with my power-suit and shoes still on, and feeling stuck in a spiritual rut. My wife and children were receiving the leftovers of my time and attention, and my connection with God had turned from a personal relationship into a stagnant religion. I was lost and needed a change of direction. 

Fortunately, my life changed while preaching an open-air crusade in Manaus, Brazil in 2001. I encountered the EXCEED life and learned that God could do "exceedingly and abundantly above all that I could ever think or imagine" (Eph. 3:20). While in Brazil, God challenged me to answer some key questions that impacted me and now, thousands of other leaders. 

Over the years, I've realized my story is not unique. The #1 roadblock that derails most talented leaders is a loss of spiritual and emotional health. They are, as Wayne Cordeiro suggests, "... running on empty!"

Here's the good news--there is a better way. That's why I created the EXCEED GPS. You can quickly evaluate your "spiritual health" and fireproof yourself from burnout. I believe that you too can experience the EXCEED life.

God Has Called You Not Just To Lead, But to "Exceed." Download Your FREE Copy of the "EXCEED GPS," and Accelerate Your Journey!

"...Every leader needs to encounter Ephesians 3:20 and THE EXCEED LIFE! Your Impact and legacy depend on it!"

Here's What You Get With The EXCEED GPS!

  1. Check your Spiritual Tank: Evaluate the 5 most important areas of your Christian life and learn how to integrate them together.
  2. Get In Alignment: Learn how to play to your strengths and manage your weaknesses so you can unlock the greatest version of you.
  3. Initiate The Exceed Life: After you use the EXCEED GPS, you will have the necessary direction to begin living the Exceed Life & More!

"Awesome To Sit Under And Glean From..."

"I have found Wayman to be wise, personable and passionate, and I highly recommend his coaching and mentoring expertise. He carries a superior pastoral gifting as well as a generational inheritance of favor that is awesome to sit under and glean from."

Johnny Enlow Author of The 7 Mountain Mantle, Rainbow God, and Hearing God

"Wayman Inspires You To Live With Purpose..."

"Wayman explores God and the order He operates with. He teaches the importance of not wasting your time on this earth but living a life filled with purpose."

Ron luce President and Founder of Teen Mania Ministries

"Unique Perspective On Living A World-Changing Life..."

"My friend Wayman presents a unique perspective on living an aggressive, world-changing Christian life … if you are tired of living an average Christian existence and want to live an extraordinary Christian life like Jesus intended."

Billy Wilson Executive Director, International Center For Spiritual Renewal And Empowerment 

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Just Don't Lead, Exceed!.

"A Powerful Leadership Coaching Experience For You"

"Wayman has a passion to influence influencers. His years of ministry leadership experience and a deep commitment to the Spirit's guidance will yield a powerful leadership coaching experience for you." 

Byron klaus President of Assemblies of God  Theological Seminary

"Exceed International Helped Our Staff..."

"Many people talk about growth and self-improvement but rarely get around to it. Exceed International helped our staff identify goals for personal growth."

Daniel Davis President of Messenger College, Bedford Texas 

"In Wayman You'll Find Valuable Wisdom & Direction..."

"Why do some people seem to experience more of God’s favor in their lives? The simple answer is they allow the Holy Spirit to reform their thinking, opinion, and values. In Wayman you will find valuable wisdom, insight, and direction to reform your life in the favor of God."

Charles scott General Overseer of the Pentecostal Church of God, Inc.

Download Your FREE Copy Of The EXCEED GPS And Begin The

Exceed Life

"An Intuitively Brilliant Leader..."

"Wayman is an inspiring and intuitively brilliant leader. His character, ministry expertise, and leadership stature made a distinct impression upon me. Thank God for the reproducing influence of his life in the lives of so many other influencers."

Jim Bradford General Secretary of the Assemblies of God

"A Trustworthy Messenger Who Lives His Message..."

"Wayman is a man who has proven himself. When you’re around him, you have a deep sense that you are around someone who has decided fully, “For me to live is Christ…” I believe the years ahead will reveal that Wayman is one of Christ’s chief shepherds and leaders of this generation, certainly in America, and with global impact. He is a trustworthy messenger who is living his message."

Robert Stearns Executive Director & Founder of Eagles Wings

Release The Leader Within!  

Having traveled to over thirty-five nations coaching leaders and churches, Wayman teaches that the EXCEED life happens by design and not default. His weekly coaching plan accelerates the God-potential in every Christian leader, and his church coaching system of spiritual leadership, higher vision, and kingdom culture accelerates the pace in every church.

Wayman received his D.Min. from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and authored Re-Forming a New You from Destiny Publishing. His essays and articles have appeared in Kairos Magazine and The Pentecostal Messenger

Wayman has served as a professor at Messenger College, lead-pastor of Joplin Family Worship   Center--a 60 year-old church that grew from 60 to 1000 in ten years, and the general secretary of the Pentecostal Church of God.

Currently, Wayman serves as the executive pastor of Higher Vision Church in Valencia, California and Founder of Exceed International. He enjoys golf even when he is in a sand-trap, basketball with forty-something legs, a good cup of coffee with his wife Kimberly, and coaching his two sons, Spencer and Garrett, and his daughter Grace. To connect with Wayman concerning a church assessment or have him speak at your next event, contact him at wayman@waymanming.com or call 661.295.6642.

Download Your FREE Copy of the


Don't Just Lead, Exceed!.

"Wayman Gives God-led, Sound, Encouraging Advice..."

"Having been given the opportunity to spend time with Wayman on a personal level, I can honestly say that I have never met anyone who is more tenderhearted and humble. He is empathetic with people and able to give them sound, encouraging, God-led advice that shows true care and concern. Thank you Wayman for being you and a role model for men like me who are running the race the Lord has put before them."

Brian Patrick Wade Actor, featured on A.G.E.N.T.S. of SHIELD, The Mentalist, and Big Bang Theory

"Helps Leaders Exceed..."

"In just the first two sessions of working with Wayman I saw why he is so successful at helping leaders get bigger and better results in their lives. The guy simply has a powerful gift. Thank you Wayman for helping leaders like me exceed."

Byron Davis Former American Record Holder, Founder of the Epic Life Project.

"Connects Leaders To Their God-Purpose ..."

"As a lawyer, I consider myself a professional servant, and as a law professor, a servant of students and the law. It has never been my goal to be a church leader. I had always thought that church leaders were those people who worked at church. It was Wayman who showed me scripturally and appealed to my sense of self, when he said, “By serving you are leading.” Wayman’s heart is to connect leaders to their God-purpose, showing leaders how serving is, as his seven-year old daughter first said, “Living the heart of Jesus."

Natasha Saunders Attorney and LAW Professor  at Trinity LAW School

"A Trustworthy Messenger Who Lives His Message..."

"Wayman exemplifies leadership in a manner of excellence, strength, compassion, and unwavering nobility. His ability to teach can touch even those who seem hopeless. Wayman has a genuine interest and investment in every person he meets. His humility and passion make him not only successful and effective, but down right contagious."

Jill Wade Winner of the 2012 World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation Championship

Becoming a "smart" leader is just the price of admission. To effectively lead with legacy impact, you must have the inner capacity to carry out the vision for your ministry without costing your health, relationships, or life! This is why your Exceed GPS is so important!

"A Dynamic Leader ... Speaker And Mentor"

"Wayman is a dynamic leader who’s understanding of leadership principles are informed by his experiences as a lead pastor, academician, and international denominational leader. He is a gifted speaker and mentor—a valuable resource to those who desire to strengthen their leadership skills and grow in their understanding of leadership principles."

Phil Collier Licensed Psychologist, Ph D, Executive Director of The Link care Foundation

"Heart Of A Servant..."

"With the heart of a servant and years of leadership wisdom, Wayman’s leadership network is a practical way to develop your personal leadership and organizational growth. Explore your possibilities with EXCEED and expect the growth you desire!"

Doug Lake Relational Pastor of Gateway Church, Scottsdale, Arizona

"A Man Of Integrity With High Skill And A Fervent Heart"

"Wayman is a man of integrity with high skill and a fervent heart to coach leadership on many levels.  His heart is strongly supported and validated by his skill and ministry expertise.  I highly recommend Wayman."

Pierre duplessis Lead Pastor, The Fathers House, Rochester, New York

"It's Time To Exceed..."

"How many times do people ask the question “What if?” We all want to reach and live up to our potential. We all want to EXCEED. If you want to go to the next level, I want to recommend this personalized coaching program that will build the right foundation and change your life. Don’t let another year go by. It’s time to EXCEED!."

Jared Ming. Lead Pastor, Higher Vision Church, Valencia, California

"Genuine And Caring..."

"Through Wayman I received bonded friendship. I received growth in my spiritual walk with Christ and the brotherhood. I received genuine care and concern for my whole being—body, soul, and spirit."

Kevin Jerls Lead Pastor of Northland Abundant Life Worship Center, Kansas City, Missouri 

"Years Of Experience And Seasons Of Study"

"With years of experience and seasons of study, Wayman comes at you with an energetic style that leaves you running through a troop and leaping over a wall. His attention to detail and high expectations remind us that small things are the beginning of big things!"

Mike hamilton Lead Pastor of Calvary World Outreach Center, Fresno, California

"Wayman Propels You Beyond Where You Are"

"Wayman and his team of coaches have all the right ingredients—integrity, skill, knowledge and passion—to help you become the man or woman God created you to be. Their ability to listen, discern, and speak the truth in love will propel you beyond where you are.." 

David Ferranti Lead Pastor of Bay Valley Christian Church, Bay City, Michigan

"He Clearly Cares About Those Around Him..."

"I’ve met many high capacity leaders as well as those who are visionary and creative. My first impressions of Wayman were simply he has attributes of all three of those characteristics. Wayman clearly cares about those around him. He is a great leader and loves to share what he has learned in life with those who are willing to listen and learn."

Kelly Ward Executive Pastor of Faith Assembly Church, Charleston, North Carolina

"He Listens With Genuine Interest & Concern ..."

"I lead a thriving front-line ministry after founding it fifteen years ago. Wayman was instrumental through the initial years of guiding me in that focus. The greatest coaches are those who listen no less than they guide. I know of no one who operates on both ends of that spectrum as well as Wayman. He listens with genuine interest and concern and then guides and advises by the voice of God."

James Whitford Executive Director of Watered Gardens Gospel Rescue Mission, Joplin, Missouri

"Wayman Has The Experience, The Heart, And The Tools..."

"True leadership is a never-ending journey of growth. Whether you are leading a strong church of several thousand or struggling to fill the chairs on Sundays, every pastor and church leader must have a plan to EXCEED. As a pastor and church leader himself, Wayman has the experience, the heart, the plan, and the tools to guide you and your church leaders to EXCEED on this journey."

Marcus Slaton President & Founder of E32Zero Coaching

"Has Been Instrumental In My development ..."

"Working with Wayman was instrumental in my development as a leader. His transparency and commitment to invest in my life made a huge impact that I’m still benefiting from today."

Randy Lawrence International Youth Director, Pentecostal Church of God, Inc.

"Leader of Leaders..."

"Wayman is inspirational and motivational. He is certainly a leader of leaders!"

Josh Pennington Lead Pastor of Christpoint Church, Galena, Kansas

"His Teachings Are Practical And Applicable..."

"In eight years of working with Wayman, here are some words that consistently come from his teaching—discover, dream, belong, become, value, and exceed. He helps you understand how to apply these words to your life and ministry."

Joe Skiles Jr. Executive Pastor of Solid Rock Church, Jefferson City, Missouri

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Don't Just Lead, Exceed!.